TikTok Rug Cleaning Hack

This TikTok video by Kelleen Ison shares a clever rug cleaning hack. It shows just how much dirt and muck is removed from a rug after it has been washed. This hack is simple enough even for those who don’t have a big yard or driveway.

Easy to do if you don’t have a large backyard or driveway

There are several methods to clean tiktok rugs. For instance, you can take them to a car wash and scrub them vigorously with a power washer. After the power washer finishes, you should carefully roll the rug to remove excess water.

Cleaning a rug is surprisingly easy, and all you need is some soap and a hose. However, if you don’t have a backyard or driveway, you might not have a big enough space for this project. Then, you can turn to the internet for a clever TikTok hack to clean your rug.


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