How to Write a University Essay Introduction

A proper introduction paragraph serves a special purpose. It aims to catch the reader’s attention. Moreover, the introduction follows a recognizable pattern. Here are some tips to write an impressive introduction paragraph: First, consider the structure of the essay. The essay should include the following elements: the Attention-grabber, Thesis statement, and Connections.

Transitional discussion

A transitional discussion is an important part of a university essay introduction. It bridges the gap between your attention-grabber and your thesis statement, introducing a specific topic and providing background information. It helps you define key terms and explains the relevance of your topic. You can use your personal experiences to illustrate your points.

Transitional discussions can be made in a variety of ways. Some are more effective than others, and others may not be as effective. Whichever method you use, however, ensure that you use them correctly. Remember that these transitions are designed to introduce new ideas or evidence. Incorrect use of transitional words will only confuse your reader and make him/her confused.

In addition to introducing the topic, an introduction should also state your thesis. Your thesis is a statement of your position on the topic. It usually comprises one or two paragraphs in a shorter paper, while longer ones may have several paragraphs. Regardless of how long the paper is, you should include an introduction.


The attention-grabber, also known as the hook or attention-grabber, is a sentence that immediately captures the reader’s attention. It usually appears in the first two sentences of an essay. People only read the first two sentences of an essay, so it is essential to grab the attention of the reader in the first sentence.

A good attention-grabber will pique a reader’s interest by posing a question. It should also draw the reader’s attention so that he or she wants to read more of your paper. There are several ways to create an attention-grabber, including using a statistic, generalization, or story. In addition, it should support your thesis statement and present an opposing viewpoint.

The best way to create an attention-grabber in your university essay introduction is to be unique. This is especially true if your opening statement has a bit of mystery and intrigue. For instance, you can start with “I’ve never been good at breathing,” which is a very unusual and bizarre statement.

A hook can also be a fact or an interesting piece of humor. Just make sure you stick with the theme of your essay and include at least three supporting facts to back up your thesis. This way, your hook will serve as a solid foundation for your argumentation. Once you have a hook, you can move on to the main argument of your essay.

One of the best ways to grab your reader’s attention is to start with a story or an anecdote. Anecdotes can be used to introduce a complex subject in an easy-to-understand way. An example of an anecdote might be a statistic that shows the failure of college graduates in finding jobs. This approach is more effective than stating general facts in the introduction.

Thesis statement

Thesis statements are an integral part of your essay, and they can make or break your work. You want your thesis statement to be specific to the type of essay you are writing, and include sufficient supporting material to prove your point. You should also consider stating a debatable point or two.

Generally, your thesis statement should come near the end of your introduction, so that the reader does not get lost mid-way through. If you are writing a shorter essay, the thesis statement can come at the end of the introduction. If your paper is longer, you can move it further up the paper until it comes at the end.

Your thesis statement should be concise and clear. Ideally, it is one or two sentences in length. It should also be specific and coherent. The thesis statement should make it clear which point you want to make and where you stand on the issue. It should also be backed by strong evidence.

In the case of Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, you might argue that we should return to nature to discover true American democratic ideals. This thesis is based on your interpretation of the novel. As you can see, it’s important to include examples from the novel to support your claims.

A thesis statement identifies the central idea of your paper and directs the rest of the essay. Whether you write an argumentative essay or an informative one, your thesis statement must state the central idea. Everything else in the paper should relate back to that idea. If you have a complex subject, you may need to include two or more thesis statements.


To write a good connection paper, you will need to have a clear thesis statement and introduction. Typically, you will connect two or more items in your paper by comparing their similarities or differences. Your thesis statement should express your overall opinion of the paper. For example, you might compare two novels that feature female protagonists or compare the language and structure of two novels about government reform.

You can make use of these relationship categories to organize key concepts and guide your readers through the structure of your paper. For example, you could use part/whole and chronological relationships to describe a difficult process of prediction. In another example, you could discuss the physical processes of tornado formation using an in-between-part relationship.

The introduction should be clear, concise, and contain the thesis statement. In addition, it should include a hook and background information. This will help the reader understand what the paper is about and help them connect to the topic. In a shorter paper, the introduction can consist of only one or two paragraphs. However, in a longer paper, it can be several paragraphs.

The introduction should be no longer than ten to twenty percent of your entire essay. It should start with an attention-grabbing hook that will catch the reader’s attention and lead to the remainder of the essay. It should be unique and stand out from the rest of the text. It should make the reader want to read more and find out more.


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