How to Use References in an Essay

Using references in an essay can prove useful in several ways. It lets your readers know that you have consulted expert sources. Whenever possible, cite two experts per paragraph, as it forces you to acquire two pieces of expert knowledge. This can help you gain more marks, and it will also help you develop a deeper understanding of your topic.

Adding letters from the alphabet after the year to identify which of the works you refer to

Writers often use a single author to reference multiple works. When citing works by the same author, make sure to follow the same style conventions, such as listing the author’s first and last names in alphabetical order. For example, if you’re citing a book by Gerald J. Alred, you should list it first, and then add letters from the alphabet after the year.

Page numbers are recommended if you are citing a particular passage within a long text

Citing a particular passage within a long text can be difficult for authors who do not include page numbers. While it is acceptable to omit page numbers when paraphrasing ideas from a work, APA guidelines encourage using a page range instead.

When citing a particular passage within a text without page numbers, use either the heading or section name or the paragraph number to direct the reader to the passage. For example, Smith (1997) wrote about the Mind Over Matter section in Mind Over Matter.

When citing a particular passage within a work, it is important to provide the author, page number, and section number. The author’s name should also be listed in parentheses. For short quotes, use quotation marks around the words. For longer passages, use block quotes. In block quotes, the quote should be offset from the main text by at least half an inch. It may also be single-spaced. When citing a block quote, you should also include the author’s name and date of publication in parentheses.


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